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Appeal to help those suffering from virus impact


Help those suffering from virus impact

As we can see situation is getting worse due to corona and all the businesses , educational institutes are closing and everybody should stay at home to be safe.

But there are many people who are earning on daily wages. Let us get together to help them out for not dying with hunger .

I request every body in my circle to locate these people around one kilometre of their locality and provide them groceries for a month. so that they can stay at home if complete lockdown happen .


We can help those suffering from virus impact By giving Sadaqah, Zakat and Sponsoring Sadqa-E-Jariya Welfare Foundation.

One grocery bag for a family of 5 would cost approximately 2500 PKR -3000 PKR (15$ - 20$)

Give Sadaqah/Zakat and save lives.!

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