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"Surely those men who give sadaqah (alms) and those women who give sadaqah and have advanced a good loan to Allah, for them it will be multiplied, and for them is a noble reward." Surah Al-Hadid [57:18]



No one has ever become poor by giving

Invest your money to gain pleasure of ALLAH. 100% of donations given to Sadqa-E-Jariya Welfare Foundation, will go to the needy. There is no administrative fee. Your Sadaqah and Zakat will save you from Hellfire.

You can donate directly into our bank account:

  • USA
  • Name of the Bank: Bank of America American Muslim Youth Leasership DBA Sadqa Jariya Welfare Foundation
  • Account #: 8980 4749 2692
  • Checks can be mailed to: 10407 Emerald Woods Ave Orlando, FL 32836

  • Pakistan
  • Name of the Bank: Habib Metropolitan Bank Ltd IBB Khayaban-E-Jami Branch Karachi
  • Title of Account: Sadqa-E-Jariya Welfare Foundation
  • Account #: 6-99-17-29301-714-109752
  • IBAN #: PK16 MPBL 9917 1771 4010 9752

Please donate generously. Your donation will be a 501c tax-deductible.

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